Mackay First Aid Supplies restocks custom and readymade first aid kits for the local and business communities. First aid kits are essential wherever there is activity that could be potentially hazardous. Certain leisure pursuits and the average office may be considered low-risk environments, while underground mining is high-risk and certain hospitality areas may be high-risk for burns. We have first aid kits to help treat most ailments from minor injuries to sudden cardiac arrest.


We provide a regular replenishing of kits to make sure your kit is useable and not out-of-date. Most kits have a general shelf life of about two years, however you may run out of certain products you use regularly or some products may become damaged. So it’s a good idea to employ a regular check of your kit to avoid being stuck in an emergency.

A site visit can include:

  • One of our representatives coming to you on a continual basis
  • Clean the kit container and check the contents, including expiry dates of pharmaceutical items
  • Replenishing the kit to meet OH&S requirements
  • We can make first aid risk assessments and recommend best practice
  • Remove any waste products
  • Note what was serviced in our call-out


Our training defibrillator can assist in choosing a defibrillator appropriate for your business. While we are an authorised distributor for Zoll Defibrillators, we are more than happy to source any brand available on the market.
Defibrillators currently supplied by Mackay First Aid Supplies are easy to operate and offer voice activated commands to assist in taking the appropriate steps in emergency situations.